McDonough: Playoffs always a goal

Chicago Blackhawks President John McDonough touched on a number of issues during a rare and impromptu media session on Saturday at practice.

On how the season has gone so far: “It’s hard for me to say it’s what I thought it would be. I knew it would be a bit of a bumpy ride going forward with the amount of players [we’re] transitioning into the entire mix.

“When you go through that adversity, it also provides opportunity for some other players, that maybe this is their first year with the team, to make a statement on their careers and I’m proud of them.”

On his team’s need to make the playoffs: “It’s very important. Not just because we’re coming off a Stanley Cup but because that’s what we’ve said our goal is every year. The NHL, maybe more than any other sport, if you get in, you have a chance.”

On Brent Seabrook's contract extension: “He’s a solid defenseman. He came through our system. He was drafted and he was developed. He’s also another player that wants to play in Chicago, that wants to play for this franchise. We’re happy about that.”

On any concern about Patrick Kane's, or any player’s, off-ice habits: “We’re concerned about all of our players. We talk to our players collectively about their comportment off the ice. Our players’ profiles are sky high. I’m very proud of Patrick. I’m very proud of the progress he’s made and we’ll continue to work with all of our guys. He understands the importance of being a Chicago Blackhawk and what that means.”