Looking at the O'Donnell-Saad age gap

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Blackhawks might be one of the few teams in NHL history to employ both a 40-year-old (Sean O’Donnell) and an 18-year-old (Brandon Saad) on the same roster. They were one day away from such an accomplishment before forward Saad was sent to his juniors’ team, the Saginaw Spirit of the OHL on Wednesday. Defenseman O’Donnell turns 40 on Thursday and both players talked of the generational gap between them:

Favorite TV show

O’Donnell: Seinfeld

Saad: Entourage

Favorite actor

O’Donnell: Robert De Niro

Saad: Adam Sandler

Favorite band/musician

O’Donnell: Pearl Jam

Saad: Jack Johnson

Favorite Movie:

O’Donnell: "The Godfather" (“Isn’t there a video game, "The Godfather?" Saad probably plays that,” O'Donnell joked.)

Saad: Happy Gilmore (“I’ve heard of "The Godfather,” Saad said.)

Ever used a rotary phone?

O’Donnell: “Yes, but it’s been a long time.”

Saad: “No I don’t think so. Don’t know what one looks like.”

Ever licked a stamp?

O’Donnell: “Recently. I don’t think he has, ever.”

Saad: “Um, yeah I have. When I was younger my mom showed us how.”

Are you on Facebook?

O’Donnell: “I know what it is but I’m not on it. I have sent a message on it because of my wife. But I’m not an active facebooker.”

Saad: “Nope I don’t have facebook.”

Who is your hockey idol?

O’Donnell: Larry Robinson

Saad: Mario Lemieux or Jaromir Jagr