Five Questions With ... Dave Bolland

Dave Bolland will take a pretty assist over a cheap goal any day. Jeff Vinnick/NHLI/Getty Images

1. Have you ever chirped one Sedin identical twin thinking it was the other?: No. I know which one is which. I can just tell. Playing against them for three or four years you always know.

2. What would you prefer, the prettiest no-look assist or some cheap goal like an empty netter?: Pretty assist for sure. It’s maybe something more important [in the game] than the goal.

3. What’s worse, a fight with a girlfriend or a 10-game scoring drought?: Um, 10-game scoring drought I think. You get over a fight quicker for sure.

4. What’s the worst a Hawks coach has ever been mad at you?: I don’t know. I can’t remember ever. [They’ve] never been mad at me (smiling).

5. What’s your favorite road city?: Probably Los Angeles. It’s a cool city. There are things to do, and it’s sunny. You got Venice Beach and then you go to Hollywood and see what’s going on.