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Day 6: Scoop's Odyssey: A perfect day

April, 22, 2012
Jackson By Scoop Jackson
Archive writer Scoop Jackson is spending this week trying to prove that when it comes to sports, there is no city like Chicago.


The day I decide not to go to see the Cubs is the day they decide to ball.

But when one has choices as one has today...

Option 1: Cubs vs. Reds
Option 2: Fire vs. FC (Toronto)
Option 3: White Sox vs. Mariners
Option 4: Wolves vs. Rampage
Option 5: Rush vs. Mustangs
Option 6: Bulls vs. Mavericks
Option 7: Blackhawks vs. Coyotes. Game 5

I don’t know if any other city in America can claim days like this on the calendar when it comes to professional sports. Seven teams all in action on one day.


So try doing this: Wake up at 5 a.m. to take youngest son to school on a Saturday because he’s in the band and the band is in a competition that starts at 7 a.m. Go back home. Take other son to driver’s education at another school at 10 a.m. Turn on WGN at noon to see what Cubs team is going to show up. Leave in the middle of the first inning to pick up kids. Return home, Cubs are winning 5-1. Find the Fire/Toronto match on TV. Scream “Goal!!!!!” 25 seconds into the match when the Fire score. Turn to White Sox game. Phil Humber looks good early. Go to get oil changed in the car. Come back, Humber still looks good. Leave home, head to United Center. Word is Derrick Rose might play. Get to UC, hear two words: Perfect game! Find out Rose is playing. Watch Bulls starting lineup start a game together for only the 13th time all season. Leave at halftime. Get home just in time for Game 5 puck drop. My son screams downstairs, “The Bulls are up by 10!” Go online to see Humber highlights. Text Kenny Williams. Check CN100 for Wolves update. They won. Eat dinner. Immerse myself into overtime No. 5. Goal! Text Blackhawks media relations coordinator for possible credentials to Game 6. Begin to write blog you are currently reading. Get response from Blackhawks: “See You Monday!”

The ability to watch, pay attention to or get locked into six professional games all in the same day? Unheard of. The chances of being a part of a day where the city you live in goes 7-0? Incredible. And, in the middle of it all, the 21st perfect game pitched in Major League history? Priceless.

We live for days like this. We live in Chicago because of days like this.

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  • Hawks fans can howl at the Wolves

    June, 27, 2011
    PM CT
    Rogers By Jesse Rogers
    Now Chicago hockey fans can boo the Vancouver Canucks every day. Or at least their prospects.

    Adding another chapter to one of the fiercest rivalries in the NHL, the Chicago Wolves announced an affiliation with the Canucks as their minor league affiliate in the AHL through the 2012-2013 season.
    Are Blackhawks fans, or at least Chicago hockey fans, going to plunk down their money -- let alone root – for prospects of the most hated team in the league? What’s next? The Kane County Cougars and St. Louis Cardinals doing business?

    But the Wolves had to make a move when the Thrashers, their previous affiliation, moved from Atlanta to Winnipeg.

    The funny thing is the Canucks probably couldn’t go to any NHL city without some backlash. They have become hated by far more than Chicago. Those loud boos you heard at the draft in St. Paul, Minn. over the weekend came whenever the Canucks made a pick. Think about that, they were booed at the draft. And though they are in the same division, it’s not like the Wild and Canucks have several decades of animosity towards each other like the Hawks and Red Wings. In fact, Minnesota fans should hate the Hawks more going back to their rivalry with the North Stars, but that’s not the case. It’s the Canucks who everyone dislikes.

    Consider when the Wolves host the Rockford IceHogs: They should probably be prepared for a road atmosphere at a home game against the Hawks’ affiliate. And to recall a player from the minors for a game in Vancouver it will take four hours for him to arrive. It’s not the furthest distance between an AHL and NHL team in the league, but it’s far enough.

    On the surface the match doesn’t seem to be a good fit, but the Wolves are a first class organization, so anyone can understand why an NHL team would want to be associated with them. But why would the Wolves want Vancouver? Why would anyone?



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    6 2 4 0
    GoalsP. Kane 3
    AssistsP. Sharp 4
    +/-J. Oduya 5
    GAAC. Crawford 1.66