Podcast: Bucher believes Rose won't return

Ric Bucher, the NBA Insider for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, does not believe Derrick Rose will return this season.

After telling Bill Simmons on Monday that Rose won't return until next fall, Bucher visited "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 on Wednesday.

"I wish I could tell you definitively that he is or he is not," Bucher said. "I do not believe that he's going to come back and play this year. But the X-factor is Derrick feeling that he's at the point that he can and looking at where the Bulls are and wanting to make a run.

"I do know that for all the training that he's putting in and his being away from the game and his desire to just --- whether it's adidas or the Bulls or it's the fans -- he feels a debt of gratitude that he owes all these people who have put him in this place and honored him as they have to come back and play. But he's also trying to be smart about it and say I've got 10, 12 years after this, and if I'm going to be 1 percent or 2 percent better by waiting until the fall, if I'm going to eliminate 1-2 percent chance of me wrecking my knee again or wrecking something else as a result then the smart thing to do is to wait until next fall and have another full summer."

Bucher believes Rose could decide to return if he feels he's ready, but he believes the odds are against him playing.

"I do believe that the Bulls, whether it's to keep the team optimistic, to keep the fans optimistic, to keep everybody believing Derrick is going to be back and this season could wind up being the great surprise, that they've been a little more positively vague on where Derrick is rather than playing the card: Hey you, you shouldn't expect him back," Bucher said. "And I think that's probably the more accurate way to go. Don't expect him back. And if for some reason he gets to the point where he says, 'I feel good enough. The doctors say I'm good enough. I can't wait any longer. I have to go. I have to play.' Then that's what ultimately would make it happen. But I think the odds are better that he does not play."