Brewer could be Bulls' next target

The reports coming out of Orlando saying that the Magic are going to match the Bulls offer sheet for J.J. Redick shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Even though the Bulls front-loaded Redick's deal, it was always a bit of stretch to think the Magic wouldn't match it.

Orlando GM Otis Smith and his staff have put too much time into molding Redick into the player they always wanted him to become. They did the same thing with Marcin Gortat when he signed a mega offer sheet with Dallas last summer.

The Devos family clearly isn't afraid to go deep into the luxury tax to keep its players, especially with the revenue streams that will come from a brand new downtown arena.

So where does all this Redick news leave the Bulls?

Well, this news esentially guarantees that Gar Forman is on the phone with Henry Thomas, trying to figure out just how much it would take to get his client Ronnie Brewer to come to Chicago.

Brewer would instantly fit in with the Bulls young core and would provide a little more athleticism from the two spot than Redick would have. He's also a little bigger and a better defender than Redick. The major difference is that Redick shot 40 percent from behind the arc last season while Brewer's percentage hovered around 20 percent from long range. Redick would have given the Bulls the second sharpshooter to play alongside Kyle Korver.

A Korver/Redick tandem would have worked extremely well alongside Derrick Rose, but now Forman must make an agressive play for Brewer and hope for the best. After getting spurned by Raja Bell, he has to find the right guy to start along Rose, and Brewer is probably the best option out there.

With the money left over Forman now has the ability to make a stronger play for other free agents such as Matt Barnes and Brad Miller if he so desires. Each would provide the Bulls with a veteran presence and toughness that would fit in well in the locker room.

The bottom line for Forman is that he must move fast in order to lock up the rest of his roster. If he waits too long, Brewer and most other quality free agents will be gone. If he acts swiftly and adds the right pieces, the fact that he lost out on Redick won't change the fact that the Bulls will still probably end up winning 50 games next year if the rest of their roster stays healthy.