Korver wanted 3-point contest invite

SALT LAKE CITY -- Kyle Korver would have liked to have been invited All-Star Weekend to participate in the 3-point contest, but he won't lose any sleep over the fact that he isn't going to go.

"I'll relax," he said. "The older you get, the more you look forward to this break. I would love to go and do it again. I would love to win it some day, for sure. L.A. would be a good place to be for All-Star break, it's sunny there. But I'll go and enjoy it somewhere else."

Boozer still respects Sloan: After spending six years playing for Jerry Sloan, it was clear that Carlos Boozer still holds the Hall of Fame coach in high regard.

"He's one of them real dudes," Boozer said after Tuesday’s practice. "So many people are fake and they say one thing to your face, say something else behind your back. Jerry wasn't that way. Jerry would tell you like it is; right in front of your face. Say the same thing to somebody else behind your back. Great coach, great friend, was one of them type of guys you could relate to because he's a regular guy.

"Even though he's in the Hall of Fame, you wouldn't know it if you met him on the street. Great legacy. Every game he coaches is like a record night. But he doesn't want any of the accolades, he just wants his team to be successful. He doesn't want any notoriety. He doesn't want to be in front of cameras. He'd just rather coach his team."

Brewer can't believe it, either: Plenty of frustrated Bulls fans can't believe that Ronnie Brewer has failed to convert several dunks/lay-ups in the last two games. They aren't alone. Brewer is just as frustrated as the fans.

"It's part of basketball," Brewer said. "I talked to Thibs about it and I take responsibility, because one time I looked back behind me to see if the guy was coming and lost where I was at on the goal and the other time the ball slipped out of my hands.

"To me, it's frustrating because those are easy plays. Easy plays that I've done a million times. So to miss a play like that is unfortunate, but you got to move on and go to the next play and try to make it up later in the game."

The last word, part II: Korver on the possible negative reception Boozer may face Wednesday night.

"Nobody loves everybody, that's just the way it is. Especially when you get into professional sports. Was [the criticism of him] unfair? I don't know.”