Rose continues to amaze his teammates

MILWAUKEE -- Just how good was Derrick Rose's performance in a 95-87 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night?

Let his teammates and coaches explain.

Coach Tom Thibodeau: "His will, the pace, making plays, scoring, whatever we needed he provided."

Joakim Noah: "It's all about affecting winning. And he does it in so many different ways. The way he's contesting shots now, with his passing ability, he understands the plays and knows exactly what he wants out of them. And he's an unbelievable scorer. It's unbelievable how composed he is out there. It's just really exciting and we just want to keep it up.

“I just feel really privileged to play with a guy like that, who's all about the right things. To have a performance like that and be the most humble person you'll ever meet. He's a humble guy, but when he's on the court, there's really nothing humble about him. He wants the ball at the end and he knows he's going to make the right play. He's going to make the right play, and with his ability to score the basketball, he can score in so many different ways, it's pretty exciting to watch."

Ronnie Brewer: "To me, sometimes, you get bad habits because you're watching him instead of playing the game. So if he misses a shot, you're like, ‘Dang, he missed a shot,’ and sometimes teams leak out and Thibs is on your back, but it's amazing to watch some of the moves that he makes, some of the shots that he makes. Even some of the passes he makes to guys ... he's not even looking them in the eye. He finds them cross-court right on the dime. He's a blessing to play with and I'm just happy he's on my team.”

Rose hates talking about himself, preferring to always try to push the spotlight towards his teammates, but he admitted his mindset was little different late in Saturday’s contest.

"Just trying to take over the game ... getting to the basket," Rose said. "You learn from every game you play in, especially when it's towards the end like that. And I was just trying to win the game.

"I can't complain about anything right now. We're winning. Everything's going good for us. You could just feel the vibe in the locker room right now. We're happy, man. We're rolling right now and we've got a bunch of good guys that are on the team that love playing with each other. We're confident against anybody in the NBA. We proved that we can compete with all the best teams now."