Boozer for 3 wasn't the plan

INDIANAPOLIS -- Carlos Boozer for 3?

Yes, that's what happened as the final second ticked away on Game 4 Saturday afternoon. Boozer ended up all alone in the left corner with a chance to tie the game. But how did Boozer end up taking that shot? Let the Bulls explain ...

"We ran a play for D. [Rose] and tried to get Kyle open and tried to get Lu open," Boozer said. :They did a good job on our 3-point shooters. I just happened to be the one that was open in the corner, tried to get it up and give it a chance, I thought it had a chance but it was a little short."

Obviously, it was not the look Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau or his players wanted.

"We didn't execute right," Rose said. "Everybody just seemed like they were rushing. We easily could have called a time out, but it is something we can fix. And we are still confident that we can close them out."

"There's three or four different looks to get a three," Thibodeau added. "We didn't get a good look ... they defended it well."

Bulls know they can play better: In what is becoming a common refrain from the Bulls, they continue to say they can ... and will ... play better soon.

"Listen, at the end of the day, this is the NBA, this is the playoffs," Bulls forward Carlos Boozer said. "The team that's supposed to win, wins. You guys have been around enough to know that. But in saying that, we know we can play much better."

Bulls guard Kyle Korver echoed those sentiments.

"Hopefully, we handle it well," he said of bouncing back from a loss. "Let's face it, even though we were up 3-0 we are not playing good basketball. Maybe it's time for a reality check. Hopefully, it happens. We'll see."

The last word: "At the end of the game, when we got things going, things seemed pretty easy. But what we have to do is do at the beginning of the game what we did at the end of the game. Today we got into too deep a hole. But if we do things at the beginning like at the end, we should be able to put this team away and take away their confidence," - Rose, on his thoughts about the Bulls late game comeback that fell short.