It's pronounced 'Coach of the Year'

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- On his special day, Tom Thibodeau was dressed in his idea of formal wear: black sweat pants and a black track jacket with a gray T-shirt underneath.

A Thibs Tuxedo, if you will.

But the 53-year-old Thibodeau certainly dresses for his brand of success, because under his leadership, the Chicago Bulls have positioned themselves for a quick ascent in the National Basketball Association.

For years, Thibodeau's image was a workaholic assistant and a perennial candidate for top jobs. Now, after one year as a head coach, some might say he's the best coach in the league. Hey, don't believe me. Count the votes.

In his "rookie" year as a head coach, Thibodeau led the Bulls to 62 wins and a No. 1 seed in the playoffs. After that season, it was no surprise he officially was named the NBA Coach of the Year Sunday.

Just think, last fall no one knew how to pronounce his last name.

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