Bulls struggle to finds shots in Game 3

MIAMI -- The Miami Heat lead the Chicago Bulls 43-40 at halftime of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Chris Bosh had a solid first half, scoring 16 points, while LeBron James added 10. Derrick Rose leads the Bulls with 11 points. Both teams have struggled to get clean looks at the basket because of tough interior defense, but the Bulls yet again are having a hard time making shots. They shot 25 percent in the first quarter and are shooting 40 percent from the field. Rose and Boozer are a combined 8-for-22 from the field, with Rose struggling to find open lanes to the basket. Joakim Noah has one point and spent much of the first half in foul trouble after picking up two quick ones. He must play better for the Bulls if they want to pick up a win.

After struggling in the first quarter to find his rhythm, going 0-for-5 from the field, Boozer found his jumper and gave the Bulls an offensive boost that they've been desperately searching for. The Bulls need somebody else to help Rose pick up the offensive slack in the second half. Their team defense has been fine, but somebody has to step up and make some shots. A stat to keep in mind at the break: The Heat have 11 assists to the Bulls' five. Miami's spacing and movement has been a little better than the Bulls.