Wilbon: Bulls need vets, not draft picks

I'm sitting here obsessing over scouting tidbits about kids born, incredibly, in the 1990s. Upside, downside, wingspan, vertical leap, 3-point range, coachability, footwork, defensive instincts, stretch-4s. I have convinced myself beyond a shadow of a doubt that a kid I have never seen play in person or on television, a 6-10 Latvian shooter named Davis Bertans, is exactly what the Chicago Bulls need. Once again, he's a shooter. Remember what none of the Bulls could do in the final minutes against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals? They couldn't shoot. This Bertans kid, if I believe what I read and am told by people who get paid to nail these things, can not only shoot it, he can shoot it with range, he can shoot it after putting it on the floor and that he's a quick draw. Did I mention he's 6-10?

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