Rose feeling slighted by the pundits

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose wondered aloud during last season's media day if he could become the league's MVP. This year, he has a different goal in mind.

"Our goal is to win a championship," Rose said on Sunday afternoon. "And I think that we have a decent shot with the guys that we have coming back. We don't know what else is going on, but I know that the front office is doing a great job with getting whoever or whatever and I have a lot of belief in my teammates. And I know that they have a lot of belief in me and a lot of confidence in me as a player and that's all we need."

Rose, who at 22 became the NBA's youngest MVP last season, is confident he can earn the Bulls' seventh championship, despite the fact that some skeptics across the country aren't sure the Bulls can repeat the success they had a year ago.

"We hear everything," he said. "We're just like [the media]. We hear and see everything. And I know that's just going to push us. We had the number one record in the NBA last year, I guess people forgot that. But if anything, I know that it's going to make us go out there and play even harder."

Rose said the motivation he gained from winning the MVP award last season, pushed him to train even more than usual over the summer.

"If anything, it made me work even harder," he said. "Just knowing that I want to be better as a player. You want to get back to that level where you want to compete against the best. You want everybody showing up to your games. The goal is to win in the championship. And if it takes me being in the gym for numerous hours, I'm willing to do it. I think that's what pushed me this summer really working on my conditioning."

One thing that Rose continues to say he won't do is recruit potential free agents to come to Chicago. Rose understands that other stars around the league spend time trying to bring fellow players to their teams, but Rose doesn't want to get into that process.

"It's just me, man," Rose explained. "Where just being younger, I remember doing stuff because I wanted to do it. Just like the same thing here, where if it's not coming from the front office or anything, you're not going to hear me say anything about recruiting anyone. I think the city speaks for itself. It's a great marketing place like I said. If you want to come here, do whatever you want to do here, you can. Opportunities are here. The front office is great. Our fans are the best in the world, and I think Chicago just speaks for itself, especially with basketball."