Missed free throw vs. Clips haunts Rose

LOS ANGELES -- Derrick Rose's memory is almost as mighty as his midrange game.

He remembers intricate details of particular games the way Greg Maddux remembers throwing a 3-2 curve ball to a batter in a game from 15 years ago. When it comes to basketball, Rose remembers the highs, but mostly he remembers the lows. He thrives off the memories of feeling bad because he never wants to feel that way again.

Rose vividly recalls the game at home last season against the Los Angeles Clippers (on Dec. 18) in which Rose missed a free throw at the buzzer that would have sent the contest into overtime.

"I remember that," he said before Friday night's game against the Clippers. "It sticks with me. I remember. Then we came back here and won. But this year it's a whole different team. They have other players, traded players or whatever and it should be fun out there tonight.

"I remember everything," Rose said. "When I play, I'm a quiet guy so I try to think of anything to get me going. I definitely remember that."

Rose took it a step further.

"I hold grudges, man," he continued. "I'm quiet so I just got to look for anything to get me going."

Has anyone actually talked any trash to Rose yet?

"It hasn't happened yet," he said. "I don't talk on the court so they don't have anything to say to me. I guess that's a good thing."

Rose looks up to Billups: Chauncey Billups did not play Friday night because of a sore groin, but that didn't stop Rose from giving Billups a lot of praise. The pair grew close during Team USA's run through the World Championships last summer and it's clear that the reigning MVP has a soft spot for the veteran.

"Chauncey was the guy on the road where everybody looked up to him like their big brother, especially all the guards," Rose said. "He knows a lot about the game. Won a championship. Chauncey is a professional where he takes everything serious. Wants to win. And that's a guard I look up to."

Rose notices the MVP change: Rose admitted he is seeing even more aggression early on this season from opponents.

"They're playing more aggressive," he said. "If anything, they're loading the whole side. Wherever I have the ball, you have two people on you. In pick and roll, if it's not where I'm coming off and it's just me and a big they're showing to a trap sometimes so it's kind of different but I'm learning."

VDN faces old team: Clippers' head coach Vinny Del Negro said he didn't feel any differently about this game, against his former team, than he would in any other. He did mention that he wants to add an addendum to the "Lob City" moniker which has become so popular of late in describing the Clippers' new style.

"I hope it's win city," Del Negro said. "Not lob city. If lobs help us win games, then great."

Rose is just happy to see his former coach having the chance to succeed.

"I'm happy for him," Rose said. "There's very, very high expectations [in Los Angeles] but he should be fine. He's got the right players. It will be interesting to see what's going to happen."