Rose: Noah attitude great despite struggles

CHICAGO -- Joakim Noah had four points and did not attempt a field goal in the Bulls' 92-68 victory over the Pistons on Monday.

Although Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau continues to say he's not concerned, Derrick Rose is not sure what the Bulls need to do to get Noah going on the offensive end.

"I really don't know," Rose said. "Usually Jo is the guy where he's huge in fast breaks. Pick-and-roll, hit him on the roll because he's usually the roll guy. But his attitude has been great. He's the one when we go into the huddle that tells us to keep going, don't let up. And he's all right."

The stretch continues: The Bulls began a seven-games-in-nine-nights stretch on Monday night, and it's one that the players seem to be actually looking forward to in some regard.

"Fun," Rose said. "Just to see how it's going to go. We're 1-0, we're trying to keep it going. But we know it's going to be hard. We've got to get our rest and we're prepared for it."

"It's kind of like going all the way to our grassroots with AAU ball," Carlos Boozer said. "In AAU, when we were in high school to different tournaments and different places and we'd play two games in one night, three games and we'd play back-to-back-to-back trying to win a tournament. A big time tournament in Vegas ... It's more like AAU except it's in the NBA. It will give you a chance to flash back and then get back to work. Honestly, we'd rather play the games than the alternative."

The last word part I: Rose on the Bulls' defense: "If every night can be like this, where we play defense and get out and run, it would be easy, but it's been hard. We tried to come back from last game where it was embarrassing to play in a game like that. Just try to keep playing and that's what we did tonight."

The last word part II: Boozer on Rose: "When you get that MVP title, I think you're going to see a little bit more pressure from teams. As you play against teams more and more, they start putting different schemes together to stop [him]. Look, every time we play a game, he's the No. 1 [player] on the chalkboard to stop -- Derrick Rose."