Chicago Bulls: Jason Kidd

Kidd to sit out vs. Bulls

April, 20, 2012
MacMahon By Tim MacMahon

DALLAS -- Jason Kidd will not play in Saturday night's road game against the Chicago Bulls as part of a preventative maintenance plan for the Dallas Mavericks' 39-year-old point guard.

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Rose vs. top point guards

February, 28, 2011
By ESPN Stats & Information

Rose looking to learn from Kidd

November, 19, 2010
Friedell By Nick Friedell
[+] EnlargeJason Kidd
Glenn James/NBAE/Getty ImagesRebounding is one of the aspects of Jason Kidd's game that Tom Thibodeau wants Derrick Rose to work on.
DALLAS -- Chicago Bulls' guard Derrick Rose doesn't think he can do what Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Kidd already has done.

The Bulls' 22-year-old All-Star point guard sees the high level Kidd has played at for so long, and he just shakes his head.

"What's this, his 17th season?" Rose asked with a chuckle Friday morning. "I don't even think I'll be able to do that. It's a blessing that he's out here playing, but they're still doing good, still playing good basketball.

"And he's still one of the best point guards in the league."

The respect is mutual.

Kidd chuckled earlier this summer at Team USA's training camp in Las Vegas when I asked him whether Rose could take over the torch as the next great point guard for the national team.

"Yeah," he said. "Twenty-one, and he has all the tools to be a great point guard in this environment, and also in the NBA, so the future's very bright for him.

"He's a guy who works extremely hard."

Rose wasn't the only one singing Kidd's praises.

"Oh, great vision," Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau said. "Great decision making. Great rebounder [who] busts out with the ball.

"But the thing that gets overlooked, he's one of the all-time great three-point shooters in the history of the league. For a guy who came in, who wasn't a great shooter, he's sure made himself into a great shooter now. It's another three-point shooter on the floor. You got to close out to him; you close out too hard he has the ability to go by you. And then his decision making, he's an offense into himself."

Obviously, Thibodeau would be ecstatic if Rose turned into the type of player Kidd has become. And there is a certain aspect of Kidd's game that the veteran coach would like to see his new protege work on.

"The rebounding component into busting out to it, because those are the hardest fast breaks, I think, to stop," Thibodeau said. "I think Kidd does it great, and he has his whole career. He's been a great fast-break point guard for every team that he's been with."

Right now, Rose is still trying to learn the ropes. He's still trying to climb the NBA mountain which Kidd has already scaled. But, as Kidd himself told me earlier this summer, there's no doubt Rose has the ability to do it.

"Coming out of college he was everything that he was supposed to be," he said. "He's an athlete, he can get to the basket, he can score. He's a guy who can find the open guy and plays extremely hard, so when you're all that, the sky's the limit."

Rose has big future with Team USA

July, 22, 2010
Friedell By Nick Friedell
[+] EnlargeMike Krzyzewski
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty ImagesTeam USA coach Mike Krzyzewski talks with Russell Westbrook, left, and Derrick Rose during practice Thursday in Las Vegas.
LAS VEGAS -- Jason Kidd didn't even hesitate while considering the question.

Can Derrick Rose become the next great point guard for Team USA?

"Yeah," Kidd told me recently. "He's 21, and he has all the tools to be a great point in this environment and also in the NBA so the future's very bright for him. He's a guy who works extremely hard and for me, being here I want to just talk to him, but also to maybe give him some secrets that I can pass along so that he can get to that next level."

The Bulls' young All-Star has opened some eyes during his short time in Vegas at Team USA's training camp and appears to be on his way to a spot on the team which will compete in Turkey next month at the World Championships.

All signs point to Rose becoming one of the faces of the National team down the line, just don't tell that to Team USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

"The face of the team is right here," Krzyzewski told me, pointing to the USA logo on his shirt. "But not me because I'm not a good face."

"But because he's 21 ... " I started.

"Because he's 21 he'd be a better face?" Krzyzewski responded.

"He'd be a face for a longer time to come, I guess," I said.

"No, faces emerge from teams," Krzyzewski said. "I'd rather not say. This guy's a face. Let our team be good, and then if our team's really good then you [media] can pick who's face it is."

Clearly, Krzyzewski wants to mold this even younger version of Team USA -- the same way he did with the 2008 edition which won the gold medal at the Beijing Games -- where no single player is bigger than the team.

"It's really kind of inappropriate to talk about any one individual right now," Krzyzewski said. "Just because it's the second inning. I'm not going to take any pitcher out, they're going to be able to pitch the whole nine innings, and we'll evaluate him at the end of the nine-inning performance."

As Krzyzewski, an avid Cubs fan himself knows, it's the aces of any staff that have the ability to dominate a game. As much as he may not want to admit it publicly, he knows that Rose has that kind of ability.

"First of all, he's gotten better," Krzyzewski said. "He is a world-class athlete. A top-percentile guy. He could really be a great defender, but he can break you down. I don't know how you keep him in front of you. I think he can do that whether he's with the ball, or if he's off the ball and gets it."

Some of Krzyzewski's current and former players on Team USA feel the same way.

"He's one of those guys that's going to be on the Olympic teams," current Team USA hopeful Chauncey Billups told me back in February during All-Star weekend. "He's one of the studs, man. He is."

Denver Nuggets star, and two-time Olympian, Carmelo Anthony agreed.

"Hopefully we can hand the torch to him in a couple years," he said.

For all the talk surrounding his impending international stardom, Rose continues to keep a humble approach.

"That would be an honor," he said of becoming one of the faces of Team USA down the line. "It would be an honor even to be on the team. But to be a face of the USA team, it would mean a lot. A lot of hard work I've been putting in this game. A lot of sacrifice and dedication. It would let me know that I can put my goals up even higher."

Kidd doesn't see any obstacle that will stand in Rose's way.

"Coming out of college he was everything that he was supposed to be," he said. "He's an athlete, he can get to the basket, he can score. He's a guy who can find the open guy and plays extremely hard, so when you're all that, the sky's the limit."



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