Draft snapshot: How B1G West teams fared last 5 years

Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports

We’re now less than 12 hours from the NFL draft, so we thought this would be an ideal time to look back on how past drafts shaped up for the Big Ten.

We broke down the last five classes and how each B1G team fared, from how many picks they produced to what states they came from and what it all means moving forward. We already covered the Big Ten East earlier in the morning, so here’s a closer look at the Big Ten West:


Draft picks produced: 16

Where the picks are from: Illinois (8), Washington D.C. (3), Florida (3), Ohio (2)

First-round picks: 3

Best position: Defensive line, 4 selections

Highest pick: DE Corey Liuget (1st round, 18th overall), 2011

Moving forward: Illinois had no players drafted in 2014 and is not expected to have any drafted once again in 2015. That would be the first time since 1942-43 that the Illini have been shut out two consecutive years.


Draft picks produced: 22

Where the picks are from: Illinois (5), Iowa (4), Missouri (3), Ohio (3), Connecticut (1), Indiana (1), Kansas (1), Minnesota (1), Nebraska (1), New Jersey (1), South Dakota (1)

First-round picks: 3

Best position: Offensive line/defensive back, 5 selections apiece

Highest pick: DE Adrian Clayborn (1st round, 20th overall), 2011

Moving forward: Every Hawkeye drafted in the first round has been a lineman (two offense, one defense). And OT Brandon Scherff is expected to keep that trend going in this draft; he’s ranked as the sixth-best overall prospect.


Draft picks produced: 4

Where the picks are from: Minnesota (3), California (1)

First-round picks: 0

Best position: N/A (one apiece)

Highest pick: DT Ra’Shede Hageman (2nd round, 37th overall), 2014

Moving forward: The Gophers haven’t had more than two players drafted in any class over the last five years. But three are expected to go this year: LB Damien Wilson, RB David Cobb and TE Maxx Williams.


Draft picks produced: 19

Where the picks are from: Nebraska (5), California (4), Arizona (3), Florida (2), Georgia (1), Missouri (1), Oklahoma (1), Oregon (1), Texas (1)

First-round picks: 2

Best position: Defensive back, 7 selections

Highest pick: DT Ndamukong Suh (1st round, 2nd overall), 2010

Moving forward: The Huskers have had a defensive player drafted within the first two rounds in four of the last five drafts. DE/LB Randy Gregory is expected to go in the first round this year as the draft’s best outside linebacker.


Draft picks produced: 5

Where the picks are from: Illinois (2), New Jersey (1), Ohio (1), Kansas (1)

First-round picks: 0

Best position: N/A (one apiece)

Highest pick: DE Corey Wootton (4th round, 109th overall), 2010

Moving forward: The Wildcats have been shut out at the last two drafts, but Ibraheim Campbell is expected to be taken some time on Day 3 this year.


Draft picks produced: 7

Where the picks are from: Indiana (3), Florida (2), Illinois (2)

First-round picks: 1

Best position: Offensive line, 3 selections

Highest pick: LB Ryan Kerrigan (1st round, 16th overall), 2011

Moving forward: Purdue is near the bottom of the B1G when it comes to sending players to the NFL, but it’s sent at least one in each of the past five years. That should continue this year, too, with defensive end Ryan Russell. He’s a likely Day 3 pick.


Draft picks produced: 21

Where the picks are from: Wisconsin (11), Florida (2), Ohio (2), Connecticut (1), Illinois (1), New Jersey (1), Minnesota (1), Missouri (1), Virginia (1)

First-round picks: 4

Best position: Offensive line, 7 selections

Highest pick: DE J.J. Watt (1st round, 11th overall), 2011

Moving forward: Wisconsin has had a first-round pick in three of the last four drafts. Melvin Gordon is currently ranked as the draft’s 17th-best player.