Illinois AD will evaluate Bruce Weber

Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas would not give Illini coach Bruce Weber a vote of confidence Saturday, saying he would assess Weber’s job following the season.

Thomas took about an hour of phone calls from a mostly disgruntled Illinois basketball fanbase on WDWS-1400 AM in Champaign, Ill. on Saturday morning.

“Yes, obviously, that’s something people are paying attention to right now,” Thomas answered to a question regarding Weber’s job security. “As I’ve always said, I will assess the situation at the end of the season no different than I do with the other 18 sports, no different than I did for the football program.

“I need to look at the total body of work and all of the things that come into play as far as making those decisions. Because those are important decisions and they affect a lot of people. I’ll tell you this: no one wants to win more than I do. I’m here to win championships.”

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