Longhorns to rescue for Notre Dame

Conference Chaos Winners And Losers (5:04)

Joe Schad and Rod Gilmore discuss the winners and losers in conference realignment (5:04)

Right about now, the mother of all gift baskets is en route to Austin, Texas, courtesy of the Big East Conference. Kansas State's College of Agriculture is devoting its entire research budget to Bevo's diet. Affluent Notre Dame alumni are trading their Mercedes-Benz hood ornaments for gold-plated longhorns.

Texas announced Monday it was sticking with the Big 12 and the league's other feared defectors, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, followed suit. Order, so it seems, has been restored to what was beginning to look like an apocalyptic free-for-all that would have made "Mad Max" look like a cute bedtime story.

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