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Wednesday, May 8, 2013
B1G revenue, expenses among highest

By Adam Rittenberg

You learned earlier this week that Big Ten programs continue to rake in record television revenues from the league. Not surprisingly, several Big Ten programs are among the nation's leaders in overall athletic revenue from 2012, according to USA Today's annual database.

As the excellent database shows, Big Ten programs make more and also spend more than most in the NCAA.

Ohio State and Michigan rank No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, in both revenue and expenses, trailing national leader Texas. Penn State (No. 8), Wisconsin (No. 11), Iowa (No. 15) and Michigan State (No. 17) also rank in the top 20 nationally in revenue. The 11 Big Ten schools that reported figures -- Northwestern doesn't have to as a private institution -- all rank in the top 35 nationally.

Of the 13 athletic departments that generated more than $100 million in revenue last year, four are in the Big Ten (Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin).

Here's the breakdown of where Big Ten programs rank in both revenue and expenses:

Ohio State

Total revenue: $142,043,057 (No. 2)
Total expenses: $124,419,412 (No. 2)


Total revenue: $140,131,187 (No. 3)
Total expenses: $115,200,187 (No. 3)

Penn State

Total revenue: $108,252,281 (No. 8)
Total expenses: $107,389,258 (No. 5)


Total revenue: $103,803,040 (No. 11)
Total expenses: $102,275,206 (No. 8)


Total revenue: $97,902,974 (No. 15)
Total expenses: $104,658,746 (No. 7)

Michigan State

Total revenue: $93,946,707 (No. 17)
Total expenses: $88,100,432 (No. 18)


Total revenue: $83,619,526 (No. 23)
Total expenses: $83,619,526 (No. 22)


Total revenue: $81,631,252 (No. 26)
Total expenses: $77,037,282 (No. 27)


Total revenue: $78,708,250 (No. 29)
Total expenses: $76,740,736 (No. 29)


Total revenue: $72,973,954 (No. 31)
Total expenses: $69,915,060 (No. 33)


Total revenue: $70,624,394 (No. 35)
Total expenses: $68,056,269 (No. 36)

Seven Big Ten programs reported subsidies -- Wisconsin ($7,127,453) and Minnesota ($6,961,066) were the highest. Future Big Ten member Rutgers had the second highest subsidy ($27,996,056) behind UNLV.

Of the seven programs that reported no subsidies, four of them -- Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue -- are in the Big Ten. Michigan also reported a relatively small subsidy.

Speaking of Rutgers and Maryland, Rutgers ranks 41st in revenue ($64,038,720) and 42nd in expenses ($64,038,720), while Maryland ranks 39th in revenue ($68,142,660) and 35th in expenses ($68,109,639). Both programs have endured recent financial woes.

From the USA Today story:
Rutgers, for instance, spent $28 million more than it generated -- a deficit it covered with about $18.5 million from the school and $9.5 million in student fees. This constituted a slight improvement over 2011, when Rutgers spent $28.5 million more than it generated.

A few more notes on Big Ten revenues and expenses: