Cubs sit Anthony Rizzo amid power outage

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs hoped that by watching Wednesday’s game from the bench, Anthony Rizzo's batteries would be recharged again.

It won’t be as simple as that to get him back on track offensively, of course. The Cubs just needed Rizzo to step back, catch his breath and get right back at it again after a little instruction. Bryan LaHair got the start at first base Wednesday.

“He’s not feeling right at the plate and it’s just snowballing now so you just want to stop that from snowballing any further and let him kick back,” manager Dale Sveum said. “He worked with (hitting coach James Rowson) today and he can get things ironed out.”

Rizzo looked defeated Tuesday night, not only going 0-for-4, but striking out three times while barely putting up a fight. He did have a hit in four of his five games before play Tuesday, but he has been more of a singles hitter while batting .240 in August.

Rizzo has just three extra-base hits (two doubles and a home run) in 100 at-bats this month.

“We’re trying to work things out,” Sveum said. “It’s adjustments as much as thoughts and thinking too much and trying to do too much all the time instead of letting it happen.”

Sveum didn’t want to portray the struggles as anything more than a young player trying to find his way in the major leagues.

“To me it’s just more of a young man that got here and was obviously on top of the world with doing everything and unfortunately sometimes in this game , like you try to tell some guys, for some reason in this game when you’re going good you’re just putting yourself in a slump sometimes,” Sveum said. “Why that happens is the million-dollar question as to why you are on top of the world and the next day you feel like you’re on ice skates in the batter’s box. But that’s why you give guys days off and let them kick back and regroup and go get them again.”