MLB security to players: Protect yourself

MESA, Ariz. -- Major League Baseball security met with Chicago Cubs players for their annual spring training meeting and delivered a simple message: Protect yourself.

"Protect yourself against Twitter, protect yourself against domestic abuse, protect yourself against social media, protect yourself against this and that," second baseman Darwin Barney said.

Included in the conversation was the Manti Teo situation or "Catfishing." The former Notre Dame football player was fooled into an online relationship he thought was with a woman but turned out to be a hoax.

"They put up a picture about it, but they didn't need to go into depth about it," Barney said. "It was nothing we didn't already know. It was just kind of 'see what can happen.' You just never know how much it can affect your life. Everyone is watching because of who you are and what you do."

For the first time this spring the Cubs are covering the costs of a cab service for anyone who has been over-served. The Phoenix area is notorious in cracking down on drunk drivers, especially during spring training.

"The Cubs have a program this year in Arizona," Barney said. "They will cover all our fairs. They have a taxi driver that will come pick you up and drive you home in your car. And it's for free. You have to be careful out here."

The league wants players to know they are there to help no matter the situation.

"They used a lot of examples and humor to get you intrigued," Barney said. "They want us to call them for anything that arises. They have our best interests in mind."