Five questions with Jeff Samardzija

Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija has a 3.38 ERA in his four starts this season. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The first edition of “Five questions with” features a sit down with Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija as he answers five questions from Cubs beat reporter Jesse Rogers about baseball life on and off the field.

1. Who is the toughest out for you in all the majors?

Jeff Samardzija: Well he’s in the American League now, but Prince Fielder. In the National League, now it’s Ryan Braun. He’s got a great eye, great hand/eye coordination. Even when you get him out you earn it.

2. Who’s the most generous player on the team and who runs for the bathroom when the check comes?

JS: Honestly, it’s usually a battle between a few guys for the bill. Probably Matt Garza. Travis Wood usually has a (phone) call when the bill comes.

3. Who is the sloppiest on the team?

JS: Definitely James Russell. He’s been my roommate before and some of those hotel rooms look like a tornado went through. Those lefties are a little different.

4. As a hitter what’s tougher for you to hit, a great curveball or a great slider?

JS: Probably a slider. Especially with the good fastball these guys feature these days, 90 plus. A good slider looks like a fastball and you end up swinging over the top of it and you’re done.

5. Do you have a recurring baseball dream?

JS: Yeah, I always have the dream of the ball coming right back at my face. Or when I’m hitting, coming at my face. Right before it clocks you in the teeth, you kind of pop up, and wake up.