Cubs mailbag: Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo isn't too concerned by his low batting average early in the season. AP Photo/Charlie Arbogast

Time to open the mailbag for Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo as he answers your questions:

Who was your favorite baseball player growing up? -- Mike (Columbus, Ohio)

AR: Gary Sheffield. I'm from South Florida, he was on the Marlins. I always wore No. 10 because of him. I really enjoyed watching his swing and his play.

Do you think there is a book on you? Is there a trend how pitchers are pitching you this year compared to last? -- Cole (Cedar Falls, Iowa)

AR: I'm sure there are certain scouting reports they have on me and tendencies, but I need to just stick to my game. Pitchers are going to make mistakes, if I stick within my game I'll hit those.

What's your daily pregame routine at Wrigley and what do you do after the game on a day game? -- Aaron (Birmingham, Ala.)

AR: Daily routine is the same. Show up to the field, eat, go to the batting cage, go to the gym, get a lift in. Batting practice outside then the game and then afterwards just relax and have dinner and hang out.

Who's the toughest pitcher you've faced so far? -- Joe (Las Vegas)

AR: I think the toughest pitcher I've faced so far is probably Aroldis Chapman of the Reds. Left on left, throwing 100 (mph) with a good slider. It's always fun to face him because you know what you're getting.

What do you enjoy most about playing for the Cubs? -- Molly (Belvidere, Ill.)

AR: Getting to show up and put on the uniform every day. It's such a rich history and playing at Wrigley Field is great. I just can't wait to win here.

What's your favorite aspect of the upcoming renovation of Wrigley Field? -- Austin (Buffalo Grove, Ill.)

AR: Probably the video board. Hopefully that gets done. It would be nice to see some good, cool replays when guys make good plays and get rewarded for that. Definitely the clubhouse as well. The clubhouse will be nice to have that a little bigger and more space.

Are you at all concerned with the hit-or-miss start to your season? -- Sam (Chicago)

AR: I am not concerned at all. I'm moving in the right direction. It's been a roller coaster. The home runs are there, the RBIs are there but the average isn't there. And the strikeouts are a little high. In the past I've struck out more at the beginning of seasons but it's too much for my liking right now. I need to simplify things more and start slapping the ball around. The home runs are going to come. I need to worry about low line drives instead of trying to hit four home runs in one at-bat.

Who's the clubhouse clown? -- Isaac (Iowa)

AR: I don't think we have one guy. Everyone kind of keeps it loose in here.

What's your favorite moment you've had as a Cub so far? -- Kevin (Wichita)

AR: Favorite moment as a Cub would probably be the walk-off home run against the Cardinals last year. Big rivalry, being able to help the team win. It was a cool feeling.