Five Questions With ... David DeJesus

May, 16, 2013
Rogers By Jesse Rogers
CubsBrian Kersey/Getty ImagesDavid DeJesus tries to leave tough days at the ballpark rather than bringing them home to his family.
It's time for another edition of "Five Questions With ..." This time the talkative David DeJesus sits down to answer questions he won't get in a postgame press conference, including a bonus sixth query:

When a guy like Anthony Rizzo gets new paper how long does he have to buy for?
DeJesus: I told him in the shower the other day -- yes, in the shower -- 'You're going to be expected to buy a lot now. Even though you're young, money talks.'

What's the best insult by an opposing fan?
DeJesus: Um, I can't think of too many except for one I've heard many times. 'I don't believe in Jesus.' I hear that a lot in opposing cities.

After your wife, who's a celebrity crush?
DeJesus: I've always been an Adriana Lima fan. The Victoria Secret's model. She'd be alright.

If you're in a terrible slump, like 0-for-20, would your wife know it by your demeanor?
DeJesus: No, no way. My wife will say it to this day, when I struggled in Oakland I never brought it home. I don't think that's my job to bring my work home. I want when I get home, my family to rely on me to be their rock.

Your career high in home runs and batting average with a full season of at-bats is 13 and .307. Would you rather hit 30 home runs or hit .350 just once?
DeJesus: I'd probably go 30 home runs just because I've never done it so it's got to be a fun feeling to feel what these guys (points to Rizzo) do sometimes.

After night games, whiskey, vodka, beer, iced tea?
DeJesus: How about a good Cabernet? I've graduated. I like a good wine.

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