Trammell stresses professionalism to Cubs

Carlos Zambrano left with the lead Monday agianst the Giants, but seven walks didn't sit well with Alan Trammell. AP Photo/Ben Margot

Being a professional and giving your all is something interim Chicago Cubs manager Alan Trammell stresses to all the players who are looking at 50 games of being the spoiler, and nothing else the rest of the way.

“Being able to wear a big-league uniform is an honor and a pleasure,” Trammell said. “The game owes me nothing. I owe everything to the game. Every time I’m out on the field, I think back to when I was growing up, that was a dream of mine, to be a major-league ball player someday.

“I don’t know too many better lives we can have.”

Trammell was sending a message to the players who may somehow think about giving less than 100 percent effort, knowing the team is out of competition.

“You have to somehow trick your mind to motivate yourself to perform,” Trammell said. “When you’re having seasons like this, there are going to be X amount of players who won’t be back, that’s the reality of it. There are scouts up there writing reports. If the guy is hustling, he’s going to write it down. If he’s not, he’s going to write that down, also.”

Trammel is 1-4 as interim manager, pinch-hitting for Lou Piniella, who is tending to his ill mother in Tampa. Piniella returns Friday.

Trammell said recent call-up catcher Welington Castillo will catch against the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday evening.

“I do know he’ll play [Wednesday]. We’ll see how he does against [Barry] Zito, as to whether or not he plays against Matt Cain on Thursday. I’m going to refrain and reserve that right.”

Castillo, 23, was hitting .251 at Triple-A with 30 extra-base hits and 57 RBIs in 65 games. He’s from the Dominican Republic and signed with the Cubs as a non-drafted free agents on Dec. 4, 2004.

He’s projected by the Cubs as a starting catcher in the majors.

Trammell has shown an aggressiveness and honesty and in his brief time as manager. It appears some of his previous experiences managing the Tigers and watching the Cubs play poorly this season are things are helping him. Even though the team won on Tuesday night, he took the players to task for shoddy defensive play. Trammell was honest about Carlos Zambrano’s outing Monday, stating that although Zambrano competed, seven walks are not going to get it done in his future starts.