Ryno 'living the dream' in Wrigley return

CHICAGO -- For the Chicago Cubs, two things never change.

Nostalgia sells and they will always break your heart.

That's why TV commercials heralded the return of Ryne Sandberg, Cubs Hall of Famer turned interim Phillies manager, before this weekend series, after two ownership groups and two front offices squashed his dream of managing the Cubs.

Hey, they never said he couldn't visit.

The marketing didn't work. The crowd was loud, but sparse when Sandberg was announced before the game. If the Cubs had a giant video board, maybe they could've showed the highlights like they did on TV.

Seeing all those empty seats must've felt like 1982 when Sandberg joined the Cubs and they drew 15,000 a game.

Full house or not, there is no question this return is vindication for Sandberg, even as an interim manager of a sub-.500 that needs a major overhaul.

He won't say it, but it's true.

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