So close! Coghlan nearly robs McCutchen

PITTSBURGH -- Chicago Cubs manager Rick Renteria called it the best "noncatch" he’s ever seen.

In the bottom of the first inning in Wednesday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cubs outfielder Chris Coghlan nearly ended up several rows into the left-field stands trying to corral a home run by Andrew McCutchen.

The ball hit Coghlan’s glove, but a fan was in the way of finishing the play.

"I had the ball," a dejected Coghlan said afterward. "I could have caught it, but the guy got in the way. His hands were up. It’s a good place to be able to rob a home run in left. I went a couple of rows deep and I had it, but the fan was there."

The Cubs eventually lost 4-2, so the two-run shot was the difference in the game.

But Coghlan wasn’t blaming the fan for going for a home run ball.

"If I’m [a fan of the] home team, I’m doing that every time," he said.

Coghlan jumped over the wall in left much to his manager’s amazement.

"I thought it was a great effort," Renteria said. "You can’t ask anyone to do more than he did. He scaled the wall and put himself into a position to potentially catch it."

Coghlan claims he can’t dunk on a basketball hoop and the short wall made it look like a bigger leap than it was. He was just upset he couldn’t help pitcher Jason Hammel keep a homerless streak going. A catch would have made all the highlight shows. In fact, the near-catch did anyway.

"If I would have caught, it would have been up there [as one of his best]," Coghlan said.