Power may be back on in Wrigleyville

The Wrigley ballhawks of Waveland Avenue may be busier this season than they have been in years.

The Cubs didn't have any 30-home run hitters last year. This year they could have four in Carlos Pena, Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez and Tyler Colvin.

Colvin hit 20 last year in just 358 at-bats. Ramirez and Pena are in contract years, and at this point the pressure is off Soriano to be a dominant offensive player -- nobody expects it from him.

Soriano has been in serious decline, but 30 homers is still not out of the question for him.

Cubs' last 30-homer hitters

2009: Derrek Lee 35

2007: Alfonso Soriano 33

2006: Aramis Ramirez 38

2005: Derrek Lee 46, Aramis Ramirez 31

The last time the Cubs had four 30-homer hitters in one season was 2004: Moises Alou 39; Aramis Ramirez 36; Sammy Sosa 35 and Derrek Lee 32.

That team won 89 games but finished third.