Jason Heyward Twitter mailbag: What did he give Addison Russell for No. 22?

Jason Heyward is excited to be playing for the Cubs in Chicago, but as for deep dish pizza ... Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports

MESA, Ariz. -- This week new Chicago Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward answers your questions in our Twitter player mailbag:

Jason Heyward: I wouldn't say there was one person right now, but over the years I've been impressed with (Anthony) Rizzo.  As far as his journey and path to getting to where he is now, to see him with Chicago when the team wasn't doing great and now the team is doing well, and he's done his fair share to bring the best to the team and get them here.

JH: Yeah, that's a cool tie. I like it.

JH: I love day games. Always have. Kind of feel like a warrior getting up after a night game to play. The body is going to let you know, but once you get to the field and get amped up it's an awesome feeling. As for Wrigley, nobody does day games better than Wrigley.

JH: I don't do a lot of lifting. More like workouts where you're grabbing stuff like a medicine ball, pushing and pulling. A lot of rope swings. It's kind of like baseball stuff instead of just lifting. You're going to need to react and respond quickly. That stuff is better than weights.

JH: Ask him.

Addison Russell: He gave me a Gucci wallet and backpack. Also a Breitling watch. I'm good.

JH: Definitely Rossy. I mean things get better with age, right? D-Ross is the epitome of that.

JH: Without a doubt it's Jake Arrieta. No one can match that.

JH: I'm a thin crust guy. Thin crust for sure.

JH: The food, for sure. And being able to drive to the field every day and see the lake for 81 games. That's going to be pretty cool.

JH: Just that the team wants to win now and wants to win for a long time. And we want to become one of those teams established in baseball that expect the team to be in the playoffs every year.

JH: One hundred percent, I mean 100 percent, it's the fans. When you talk about rivalries, as a baseball player, you would like to think there was some winning between both teams. Last year notwithstanding, right now it's lopsided. They have what we want as far as being established and going to the playoffs every year and winning championships. If we want a rivalry, I'd say we have some work to do.

JH: Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter, for obvious reasons. Great players and class guys.

JH: No, not really. I was too busy trying to beat them to win the division and get into the playoffs. It was fun seeing three teams push each other the way they did. Free agency came later.