Kyle Schwarber Twitter mailbag: What's Joe Maddon's best advice?

MESA, Ariz. -- The mail delivers even on Sunday in this week’s Chicago Cubs Twitter mailbag that features second-year outfielder/catcher Kyle Schwarber. He answers your questions:

Kyle Schwarber: You know what it was? Just getting to know everyone. What a great team. A really good clubhouse presence by everyone. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. A lot of lessons learned.

KS: I'm always sitting in on the catcher's meetings and I'm always trying to be mentally prepared even thinking in the outfield about what's going on behind the plate. I'm always working there even if I'm not playing.

KS: I'll tell you what, a steak from Chicago Cut is pretty good. I like going there.

KS: I'd probably say besides Wrigley Field it would be Yankees Stadium and Fenway Park. Both are historical fields right there.

KS: They just won, so I'm psyched. I have them going all the way. You watch.

KS: Definitely football.

KS: Same one, The Bone Thugs n Harmony.

KS: Probably just making it to the playoffs.

KS: Don't be afraid to be yourself. That's it right there. Be yourself.

KS: That's my sister's horse. I used to ride. Not anymore. I used to ride when I was little but now I have a lot of stuff going on.