Zambrano and the blame game

What do Carlos Zambrano and his bat have in common? They both snapped.

You could see this latest meltdown -- one in a lonnnnnnng line of nut-job moments by the Chicago Cubs starter -- coming for days. And after what he said about his teammates Sunday, Cubs management ought to suspend him for days, weeks, months or, in a perfect world, the remainder of the season.

On Tuesday an angry Zambrano (is there any other kind?) broke a bat over his knee after striking out in a game against the Houston Astros. Zambrano is a good-hitting pitcher (a career .240 average), but his bat-breaking antics showed up Astros starter Jordan Lyles and caused Cubs manager Mike Quade to turn away in embarrassment. Adding to the fun: Closer Carlos Marmol blew a ninth-inning lead and cost Zambrano and the Cubs a victory.

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