Maddux has kind words for Cox

ATLANTA -- Long-time Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox had his No. 6 jersey retired during a ceremony before Friday’s game. Cox had two stints as manager and one as GM with the franchise. He won five pennants and one World Series.

One of the guest speakers for the presentation was Chicago Cubs front office employee Greg Maddux, who pitched for Cox from 1993-04.

Maddux discussed Cox as a quality manager and a quality person.

“Everybody respected him,” Maddux said. “He was honest with his players. He was very good at giving players credit when we won and taking the blame when we lost. He handled the media well. And he always had something positive to say to get you ready for your next [game].”

Maddux, like many of Cox’s former players, was always happy to see the same guy day in and day out.

“He was very consistent with his attitude,” Maddux said. “He was very even keel. Never waivered, whether it was winning 2-1 or losing 2-1. He relaxed us, allowed us to have fun off the field, and when the game started, we were ready to play.”

Maddux is finishing his second year as a special assistant to Cubs GM Jim Hendry. For now, he’d like to stay in that role.

“I want to do exactly what I’ve been doing,” Maddux said. “I want to do the same things for now, let the kids grow up and then make a decision.”

Maddux toured the minor leagues for the Cubs as part of his job over the past two seasons.

“I enjoy the job,” Maddux said. “Being in the minor leagues again this season, I was glad to see some progress from the players. Nice to see them grow and mature. Hopefully most of them keep getting better.”

Maddux was asked if he thought any Cubs prospects he saw were ready for the big leagues.

“A couple of good relievers,” he said. “They can help, I believe. But you never know what they are going to do until they go out and do it. The potential is there. You just have to go out and do it.”