Sveum hopes pointer pays off for Castro

The Cubs' Starlin Castro committed 29 errors in 158 games last season. Kyle Terada/US Presswire

MESA, Ariz. -- Sometimes it is the slightest of adjustments that can make all the difference.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum gave Starlin Castro some on-field instruction during infield practice, and it could help the young shortstop to take the next step in his development.

Sveum advised Castro to find his target and stay locked on it all the way through his throwing motion.

“He has a tendency to get a ground ball and look over his shoulder and that causes this shoulder to turn and he has to open up,” Sveum said. “That’s when you see the balls go down or they fly high. But if he keeps everything straight and focuses on the first baseman it’s a much easier play. A lot of young guys tend to do something like that or pick up the runner when they’re running down the base, and then it just causes problems.”

It wasn’t like Castro was making bad throws before the tip from his manager, and he definitely didn’t make any bad ones after getting the advice.

So far Sveum is impressed that Castro is receptive to instruction despite having so much success early in his career.

“Once they talked to him about moving his head he stopped doing that and was making really good throws,” Sveum said. “I think when you have success too, that always helps to understand, ‘Oh, this is all I have to do to change things?’ A lot of time it isn’t major stuff.”