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Sunday, January 20, 2013
Ian Stewart happy to get your tweets

By Jesse Rogers

One Chicago Cubs player might have met more "friends" than most this weekend at the team Convention. Third baseman Ian Stewart (@Ian_Stewart_2sc) doesn't know all of his 7,830 followers on Twitter, but sometimes he feels like they're all part of his life. After nearly 10,000 tweets he's as active on the social platform as about anyone on the Cubs roster.

Jesse Rogers: Why Tweet?

Ian Stewart:
“When I was growing up that would have been something I would have been big in, trying to interact with guys that way. The people give us so much by coming to the game and supporting us and cheering for us. Why not give a little back. Its not like I have to go to their house (laughing).”

JR: Who do you follow on Twitter?

"Probably one of my favorites is Chad Johnson. Actually flew on a flight with him the other day and I sent him a tweet from the plane. He didn’t respond, I wasn’t expecting him to. He was probably like ‘What the heck is this?’ He’s good. I use a lot of it for fantasy football stuff. I’m trying to think who I follow on the team. I think Matt Garza (@gdeuceswild) is the main guy.

JR: What about when things aren’t going well for you? How’s Twitter then?

It can be rough. It’s no holds barred. No holding back. Internet tough guy-type stuff, but I take it with a grain of salt. And I like to fire back and some people don’t know how to take it sometimes. But some people that give me a hard time, when I give it back to them, they kind of appreciate it. And then they kind of like become a fan at the same time. For the most part it’s been fun.

JR: That’s easy to do if you’re slumping? Just shrug it off?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to ever take any criticism, especially when you’re doing bad. But I definitely have a lot of supporters on there. The organization has a lot of supporters on there as well, so even when you’re going bad you still get the people that have your back and wishing you well. So that’s good as well.

JR (Joking): Have you ever had a fake girlfriend on Twitter or Facebook?

Never, but I’ve probably had a few fake friends. I’ve watched the TV show (Catfish) and the movie. I thought the movie was fake at first until I got the background on it. I do feel bad for [Manti Te'o] or anyone if it’s a big scam.