Openings available for Butler's event

College basketball coaches do plenty of their own scouting, but they also tend to listen to people they respect in the game.

Larry Butler is one of those people who has the ear of college coaches. A longtime AAU coach who has guided everyone from Quentin Richardson to Andre Iguodala to Jon Scheyer, Butler is retired from coaching and dedicates most of his time to his scouting service: Illinois Spot-Light.

Butler travels throughout the year to gyms scouting talent, and twice a year he hosts his own event to get a closer look at players. On Sunday, Butler is holding his Illinois Spot-Lite Fall Showcase at York High School in Elmhurst, Ill.

The event is expected to be attended by some of the bigger names in the state, as well a number of players who are looking to make a name.

"It's an opportunity for guys to showcase themselves," Butler said. " I'm going to have all the area coaches and scouting services there. It's an opportunity late in the fall to show what level they can actually play at. It's almost like a late fall audition. It gives us a late opportunity before the school stuff to evaluate them.

"With my event, I try to do a really good job with teams where they're matched up good and players can easily be evaluated. There's kids all over the state who haven't got a good look."

Butler does have openings remaining for players looking to be seen. For more information, he can be contacted at 708-574-2457.