Barrington linemen flexing muscles

Barrington, right, defeats Glenbard West in the tug of war Wednesday at the inaugural Red Grange Classic. Scott Powers for ESPN.com

WHEATON, Ill. -- Barrington offensive line coach Steve Galovich wasn't sure whether with five juniors the Broncos would be able to match some of the top linemen in the state at the Red Grange Classic on Wednesday.

Galovich's young linemen surprised him and did more than just compete in the eight-team field. Barrington was among the leaders in all 10 events and won the inaugural Red Grange Classic's linemen challenge.

Barrington's team included 6-4, 280-pound Dan Voltz, Mason Darrow (6-5, 270), Ben Calamari (6-3, 235), Akeel Abdelhadi (6-1, 270), Chris Van Kampen (6-3, 275), Sean Caffe (5-10, 190), Javier Diaz (5-8, 200) and August Anderson (5-9, 200).

"We've just had such a run the last 10-12 years in linemen," Galovich said. "It's been good.

"We got some big kids who have some athletic ability. Let's face it, to be a good football player, you can't just be strong and big. You got to be able to move, be agile and be able to compete. In an event like this, they compete in a lot of ways. We're proud of them for doing so."

Voltz, a Wisconsin recruit, led the way for the Broncos. He squatted 405 pounds and bench-pressed 225 pounds 16 times. Voltz tried to set an example for the younger players.

"When I was a sophomore, I was taken under by the older guys, and they taught me exactly how to play the game," Voltz said. "I'm trying to do my best to show them how to play with the effort and drive that I play with. That's why I think I'm a good football player, and I'm just trying to make them as good as me."

Montini senior Jaleel Johnson, who recently committed to Iowa, put on the biggest show of strength. He tied Voltz with 16 reps in the bench press and won the squat competition with 465 pounds.

Glenbard West senior Tommy Schutt, an ESPNU top 150 prospect, was also right with Johnson and Voltz in every category.

"It's fun to compete against the best," said Schutt, who has upcoming visits to Notre Dame, Florida and Wisconsin. "That's what makes you better. It's fun to get after it with those guys."