Konerko weighs in on Oswalt rumors

Although White Sox general manager Kenny Williams set the record straight on the Roy Oswalt rumors on Monday, White Sox captain Paul Konerko weighed in on the hot topic of Oswalt and other National League pitchers hesitating to come to the American League.

"I think for some of these guys, [it's] not that they're afraid of the American League, it's just that they've been in the National League for seven or eight years and have a comfort zone there," Konerko said. "There's also a comfort zone for guys who have played for the same teams and in the same ballparks for a long time. However, there's no doubt that American League lineups represent some very intimidating issues for pitchers."

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen also talked about the Oswalt rumors.

"I talked to Kenny [Williams] last night for about an hour, and the last thing he talked about was that he was happy the way the team was playing," Guillen said. "He didn't mention any names at all to me about trades."

The interesting part of Williams' quotes on Monday was that he didn't say he wasn't interested in any of the Astros players or pitchers. Major League Baseball executives are not allowed to mention other players' names in public when it comes to trade talks. Under MLB rules, that's considered tampering, which could result in fines for both the team and the general manager or manager.