Full steam ahead with Chris Sale

Trying to be careful with one of the best young arms in baseball has meant the Chicago White Sox frequently have tried to ease the load for Chris Sale in his first season as a starting pitcher by often giving him extra rest between starts and having him twice miss starts to allow for extra recuperation.

The White Sox, however, are not hesitating about having Sale start Sunday night on his normal four days' rest. Furthermore, though Sale is at 157 innings (more than twice what he pitched last year as a reliever), Chicago right now has no plan to curtail the 23-year-old's workload for the remainder of the regular season.

"We're not stupid, we've been careful with Chris all year, monitoring how he feels, how he's throwing and being cautious with him when we felt it was the best way to go," said White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper.

"But we're also trying to win a division title and we're going to need Chris for September. Right now, we don't have any limit for him in mind. We don't have to plan for him to be shut down. We'll be watching him all the time and maybe we'll need to address scaling back things for him at some point. But as of right now, he's going without any limitations."

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