White Sox's GM certainly has been trying

CHICAGO -- In the last 24 hours of the non-waiver trade deadline, word has come out that Lance Berkman vetoed a trade to the White Sox and the club was "rejected" in its efforts to land Manny Ramirez, according to a Fox Sports report. That is on top of their so-far failed efforts to land Adam Dunn and Prince Fielder.

The most recent news about Berkman and Ramirez shed some light on GM Ken Williams' comment Friday when asked if the prices for a hitter still remain too high.

"I’ve found some to be high, and I’ve found some to be more reasonable," Williams said. "And all I can say on that without venturing into areas that I don’t really want to venture into, is that this team right here that we’ve got is fighting hard on every night, and we’re comfortable and confident that if there is an opportunity to add to it in any way, shape, or form, just know that we’re working on it and that it’s with the mindset that we don’t want to take away from the club that you see out on the field. It will have to be done from within the system."

That area he didn't care to venture into apparently has to do with his level of frustration. As one scout said as trade deadline news was heating up last week, "Kenny always thinks big."