Ventura ready to move past suspensions

DETROIT – Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura can’t wait for the pending suspensions of a handful of major leaguers to come down so they can just move past that dark cloud.

“I don’t think anybody enjoys hearing it, seeing it and having to talk about it,” Ventura said prior to the White Sox game with the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park Friday night. “As soon as it’s said, it’s just one of those things you’re going to just be glad not to talk about it.”

According to numerous reports, Monday appears to be the day when Major League Baseball will suspend Alex Rodriguez and several others for their ties to the Biogenesis investigation.

“I think they’re handling it alright,” Ventura said. “It’s something they do have to talk to the union and go through those channels and do it. There’s a reason why they’re doing it. They’re not just going to throw it out there and wish they could take it back.”

Ventura had hoped players would have learned from the past drug suspensions.

“I thought there would have been last time,” Ventura said. “I think you’re always going to have to be prepared. I think Major League Baseball has done a great job from when I was playing to where they are now; it’s a better job. It’s getting tougher. They’re going to catch guys. It’s just that simple.”