A-Rod circus was a flop in Chicago

CHICAGO -- As circuses go, this wasn't exactly the Big Top.

Sure, there was a bear on a unicycle, but his question to Joe Girardi was trifling at best. And I never saw that "pink elephant in the room" that Alex Rodriguez keeps mentioning.

We were promised a freak show for "A-Rod Monday" and all I got were a bunch of reporters standing around a clubhouse. Close enough, I guess.

For all the build-up, all the threats of lifetime bans, this is what happened Monday: An unpopular Yankee with a dumb nickname played baseball.

After the official Biogenesis suspensions from Major League Baseball came down Monday afternoon, Rodriguez took some questions, he got booed, he got a hit. I presume he went home and slept in a hotel bed, but this is A-Rod. He might hang from a ceiling in zero gravity under a centaur painting. Who knows?

In the end, a fifth-place team (White Sox) beat a fourth-place team (Yankees), 8-1.

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