Dunn: Blame players for rough season

CHICAGO -- A day after manager Robin Ventura and general manager Rick Hahn took the blame for the Chicago White Sox's disappointing season, Adam Dunn said it's the players' fault.

"I view that as what good leaders do when times are tough," Dunn said of Ventura and Hahn's accepting blame. "Hey, they are not out on the field playing. They put us in a good position with the team we had coming into spring. We all felt we would compete, if not win a division."

At 41-69, the Sox have the second-worst record in baseball entering play on Tuesday. They also have scored the second-fewest runs in baseball, an incredible statistic considering the White Sox use nine hitters in the American League compared to eight for National League teams.

"Our management people should get no blame," Dunn said. "There have been 25 or 30 guys in this room that should take all of it."

Dunn said players get mad at each other's mistakes during a bad season.

"You definitely do get mad about bad play when you aren't winning," he said. "You don't point fingers. You get mad at how you are playing, but it is not one person's fault. If it was, it would be pretty easy to fix. This is a collective group failure. Offense is the No. 1 reason, but you can't blame that alone. Nothing we have done this year has been very good."

White Sox captain Paul Konerko looks at the lost season in similar way.

"Management is not between the lines," Konerko said. "I doubt that they got any less smart than they did a year ago when we were playing well. It obviously falls upon the players more so than anybody. The big chunk of responsibility goes to the players, and I think it always will. I feel for Robin and the staff because what they were doing last year is the same this season. The result are a 180, that about sums it up right there."

Ventura has had his fill of bad play on the field and questions about his struggling ballclub from the media.

"It is nice that [the players] have their opinions," Ventura said. "For me, it is me at the top, and I take responsibility for [losing]. We are all in it together, not them alone, but I am tired of talking about it . [Talking] is not going to change anything. You just have to make due and play better. That is it."