Williams doesn't see Konerko trade

CHICAGO -- Amid reports that Paul Konerko was placed on trade waivers, Chicago White Sox executive vice president Kenny Williams said the team captain isn’t going anywhere.

“Assuming all natural things, yeah, I would be surprised (if he wasn’t here at the end of the year),” Williams said before Tuesday’s game against the Detroit Tigers.

Ken Rosenthal of foxsports.com said that Konerko went on trade waivers Monday and would clear by Wednesday. Teams typically put all of their players through trade waivers at some point in August knowing they can always pull players back in when they are claimed.

If Konerko clears waivers, he could be traded to any team. But the White Sox don't seem interested in moving their veteran of 15 seasons on the South Side, and Konerko himself can block any trade per his rights as a player with 10 years in the league and five with his current team.

“I haven’t even thought about it,” Konerko said Tuesday about the possibility of moving elsewhere. “If it pops up or someone talks to me, I’ll think about it.”

Konerko says he doesn’t concern himself with rumors.

“As a player, you’re just trained that you hear stuff all the time,” Konerko said. “People in the street say something to you. A guy in a restaurant will say something to you. You don’t really hear it. I was traded two times by the time I was 22 so that stuff doesn’t really get in there. I learned early on how to deal with that stuff.”

Williams scoffed when initially asked about Konerko being on waivers.

“Everybody goes through waivers,” Williams said.