Ramirez: An upgrade and an energy boost

CHICAGO –- A report from ESPNLosAngeles.com that the Dodgers are ready to deal Manny Ramirez to the White Sox on Monday for a prospect and cash considerations or just let him go on a straight waiver claim appears to put the ball in the White Sox’s court.

The White Sox can attempt to deal a prospect so they have to pay only part of what is remaining on Ramirez’s $4 million-plus salary, or they can do what they were prepared to do anyway and assume all of Ramirez’s money (more than $3 million of which is deferred).

In any regard, it looks as though Ramirez could be White Sox property by the end of Monday.

The last straw for the Dodgers was apparently Ramirez’s pinch-hit appearance Sunday, when he took a called first strike and was ejected for arguing. The Dodgers elected not to start Ramirez for four consecutive games even though he reached base four times the last time he was in the lineup.

The debate still rages on whether this is a good idea for the White Sox. Although regular designated hitters Mark Kotsay and Mark Teahen have had their moments in recent weeks, Ramirez would provide an upgrade over those players. Not only that, but a motivated Ramirez could supply so much more when it comes to driving in runs.

With Carlos Quentin going through a relatively quiet 6-for-22 homestand, Ramirez's arrival would help run production from the right side.

Ramirez is set to be a free agent at the end of the season and could use a solid month with the White Sox to drive up his value.

There also seems to be no doubt that his arrival would supply a boost of energy to a club that looked to be running on vapors Sunday against the Yankees. Paul Konerko admitted as much after Sunday’s game when he said that both teams looked to be worn out from the first two games of the series, especially the 12-9 Yankees victory on Saturday.