Dunn monkeys around with clubhouse mascot

CHICAGO -- The newest member of the Chicago White Sox's clubhouse has his own uniform, but has to share a locker with Adam Dunn.

“Phil,” as he is being called until a better name is unearthed, is a 3-foot tall, 5-pound lifelike monkey statue cast in “designer resin,” according to its maker Design Toscano, and seems to have no real point exactly other than to break up the monotony of a 162-game season.

Its outstretched right arm with a curved hand allows it to hang from a screw in the wood between Dunn’s locker and the empty locker next to him. It is dressed in a youth-size White Sox jersey, a knit White Sox hat and is wearing sunglasses.

Why the name Phil? Dunn noticed that the item was manufactured in the Philippines.

Dunn was perusing the SkyMall Catalog during a recent flight and was struck by the absurdity of such an item. Who would be odd enough to purchase such a thing?

“I just thought it was cool,” Dunn said.

Things like this are made for guys like Dunn, who preferred the $149 price tag to the $4,449 Giant Male Silverback Gorilla Statue he really wanted from the catalog. It wasn’t so much the price of that one that scared Dunn away as it was the gorilla’s height of 8 feet and weight of 264 pounds.

Phil arrived this week and the White Sox are already 2-0, which won’t go unnoticed by a bunch of major league players. If the winning continues, Phil most definitely will find himself on upcoming road trips and be something to rally around. It’s just how baseball players are wired.

Whatever you do, though, don’t refer to Phil as a “Rally Monkey,” the name of the unofficial mascot that the Los Angeles Angels have embraced for the past decade.

“No, no, no, it’s not that,” Dunn said.