Are the Twins feeling the heat?

DETROIT -– News that Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire didn’t care for White Sox highlights being shown at Target Field on Sunday filtered its way to Ozzie Guillen.

“Well, at least he’s watching us,” Guillen said. “We might watch them too, but not that much. When you are what they are right now [in first place by 3 1/2 games], they have to just win games. They know we aren’t going to roll over and die. We are going to play hard and play good. I like that.”

What seemed to irk Gardenhire was that the highlights were of the White Sox’s comeback against the Red Sox. He felt it sucked the life out of the Target Field crowd. The Twins ended up winning Sunday's game anyway, 6-5 over Texas.

“Scoreboard watching's one thing; having White Sox highlights during our game is a joke," Gardenhire told reporters. “They've never done that, and I hope they never do that again.

“It brought everybody down. The crowd [sounded like it deflated]. We don't need that. This is our game. We don't care what the White Sox do until we play them.”

The Twins have been on the White Sox’s mind for a while now, since Minnesota is the team in first place and it keeps on winning. Gardenhire’s comments seem to be a sign that the White Sox’s win streak [at seven heading into Tuesday’s game] is starting to get to the Twins.

So what about Twins highlights being shown on the scoreboard at U.S. Cellular Field?

“I don’t care. They can do whatever they want to do,” Guillen said. “… When you’re in the pennant race, a lot of good and bad things happen. But just worry about one thing -- yourself and winning games. And the way we’re playing, the way we’ve been winning, to me, as a manager, is very exciting.

“We make a lot of moves. Every little thing we do show up late in game. We got a guy show up and steal second with two out and we pinch hit for the guy. Everything works, you’re moving the piece, everyone should be excited.”