Inside pitches have hurt Manny before

DETROIT – It’s going to be interesting to see how Manny Ramirez fares offensively after getting hit by a pitch on the wrist in Tuesday night’s game.

There is a precedent for this when Ramirez was in Los Angeles and the outcome wasn’t good.

On July 21 of last season, Ramirez was hit on the hands by pitch from Homer Bailey of the Reds. It was just 18 days after he returned from his 50-game drug suspension and the hits were still coming free and easy for Ramirez.

He didn’t start the night after getting hit, which was Manny Ramirez Bobblehead Night of all things. But he came off the bench late in a tie game and hit a pinch-hit grand slam against former White Sox right-hander Nick Masset, sending a sellout crowd into a frenzy.

Cheers would be much harder to come by after that. Clearly not interested in covering the outer half of the plate, Ramirez struggled the rest of the way. Inside pitches made him extremely uncomfortable as well.

Starting July 24, when Ramirez returned to the Dodgers lineup, he batted just .251 over the final 61 games with 26 RBI.

The good news for the White Sox is that being hit on the wrist doesn't seem to be has bad as last year's pitch to the hands. At least he was in the lineup the next day this time.

As for getting hit twice in Tuesday’s game and four times in his first six games with the White Sox, manager Ozzie Guillen didn’t seem to be too concerned about it.

“They will pitch inside to him,” Guillen said. “Some people can pitch inside, some can’t. I don’t think they’re throwing at him, because you can see when people are just throwing inside, they hit batters on the hands. But if they don’t know how to pitch inside, please don’t do it. If you spend a lot of time in baseball, you’ll know when you’re throwing at somebody.”