August return for Garcia not ruled out

CHICAGO -- That timetable for Avisail Garcia's return keeps getting closer and closer.

Where it was once thought that Garcia would have to wait until spring training to return to the White Sox, that belief was recently amended to the chance that the outfielder could come back when rosters are expanded in September.

Suddenly, it is starting to look like Garcia could come back from his April shoulder surgery by the end of this month.

“It’s possible,” manager Robin Ventura said. “You look at what he’s doing right now, where he’s at, you don’t want any setbacks. But if there are no setbacks, if he’s available and ready to play, you’d like to have him. “

In four games of his injury rehab assignment at Triple-A Charlotte, Garcia is 8-for-15 with a home run, showing his batting eye has returned quickly.

“It’s nice to see,” Ventura said. “I think it just shows the kind of work he did while he was up here, not only just the rehab stuff, but staying in baseball shape. It shows just being around it is helpful also. As soon as he was available to get on the field he was out there. He was the first guy there pretty much every day.”

The White Sox have insisted from the start that Garcia’s recovery won’t be rushed. If he returns to the team it’s only because he has nothing more to prove in his rehab assignment.

“He just needs more time,” Ventura said. “I’ve seen some guys that have done that before, where you go down there and don’t get much time and you come up here and there will still be a breaking-in period just like there is in spring training. Hopefully he gets that down there.”