Cooper back, blasts ump decision in SF

CHICAGO -- Pitching coach Don Cooper is back and as feisty as ever.

After missing most of the past three weeks because of vertigo related to an inner-ear infection, Cooper was in the clubhouse Friday and fighting mad about an on-field ruling during the team's game in San Francisco.

Cooper initially unleashed his venom verbally, at the television screen, after Tyler Flowers was ruled to have blocked the plate during Wednesday's game. Flowers easily tagged out Gregor Blanco at home, but upon replay review, the call was changed, and the run was allowed to score. On a similar play one night earlier, with Giants catcher Buster Posey at the plate, the call was not reversed, and the White Sox did not get a run.

"We got f---ed in San Francisco," Cooper said. "[Pitcher Jose Quintana] found another way to get f---ed. That rule has got to be changed. It's ridiculous. The whole thing about getting replay is to get the play right. They had the f---ing thing right. He's out by 10 feet. That's going to be tweaked I'm sure, but that doesn’t stop us.

"They took a game from us as a team, and they f---ed our pitcher. I'm not in favor of either one of those things. They need to figure that s--- out."

Clearly Cooper is back and ready to do all he can for the White Sox.

"I thought I could be here earlier, but again, I couldn't," he said. "I knew the first day that I'm just not up to doing the whole job. But going to therapy and doing a whole bunch of stuff, I actually feel a whole lot better. I'm not 100 percent, but the doctor said I could come and be here, and I can go to work.

"My balance is much better. My equilibrium is much better. Dizziness is much better. I've been getting lots of letters and/or phone calls from people and fans that have had and deal with this. I appreciate everybody's concern. And I'm back."

Manager Robin Ventura was appreciative of having his pitching coach on the bench again.

"He does feel better, and he's talking a lot, so that's good," Ventura said. "You have a guy who's not feeling good, and it's frustrating for him, I know. We like having him here, so it's just 'take it as it goes,' but I'm glad to have him back, and I know he's excited to be here. We'll see how it goes."